Witt A/S develop and sell unique, innovative and in-demand brand products for customers throughout the Nordic region, UK, Ireland and The Benelux countries. We sell and provide for all price segments and are frontrunners in the industry in regards to development of innovative products with high specifications.

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Intelligente massagehoveder

Intelligent visuelt interface

Intelligent stemmestyringsteknologi

Intelligent genkendelse af muskler og knogler

Intelligent Super Hit-kontrolchip

Intelligent strømbesparelsesteknologi


Strong knowhow - Quality products

Witt A/S develops unique, innovative and sought after white goods, and small appliances in the high and low price segments,  and are branch leader within development of innovative products facing high demands.


De Dietrich

MasterChef in own kitchen

Get full control of the cooking and create perfect results with De Dietrich's precision technology. Whether you are an amateur or a professional chef, with the help of De Dietrich you can create real magic in the kitchen.


Helt naturlig renser og afgifter luften

VBreathe designes, udvikles og samles i Australien og kombinerer HEPA-filtrering med deres vigtige VActive Gel-teknologi, for at give verden den mest intelligente, bærbare og effektive indendørs luftrenser, der findes inden for dens kategori.


Give the dust hell

ROIDMI is a testament to the latest technology in cordless vacuuming. User friendly efficient absorbency and stylish design. A design for which ROIMI has won many global design awards.



A powerful product for the price-concious consumer.

Ecotronic is a popular household brand with focus on simplicity, stylish design, and ease of operation. “Simple Living” without compromises. 


Welcome to the world of pole pole wooden animals

Pole Pole means ”slowly” in Swahili, and describes the process and time it takes to produce these dear little and beautifully executed handmade animals.

Schrader Airsistant

Mere sikkerhed - mere komfort

Schrader Airsistant er letvægts- og holdbare dæktrykssensorer monteret på dækventilen overvåger cykeldækkenes lufttryk og temperatur og overfører realtidsdata via Bluetooth lavenergiteknologi til det eksisterende cykeldisplay, en kompatibel cykelcomputer eller en mobil-app (iOS eller Android).