About Witt

In 1993, Allan Witt started his home appliances business, which has since expanded significantly. Today, Witt is known for its wide, innovative and exciting product range - and not least as a large, recognized brand in the white goods market. The key words are high quality, innovation and latest technology. The design is Scandinavian, and the style is timeless and minimalist.

Witt is also behind a series of quality products for your kitchen, specially designed with Nordic aesthetics in mind. Built to last and look great all the way!

Witt is distributed and traded in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, England, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Sandwich machines

Witt Premium Sandwich Maker

  • Antislip-platen met extra diepte tegen uitlopende gesmolten kaas en sap
  • Geïsoleerde bovenkant: veilig aanraken
  • Krachtige uitvoering
  • Lichtindicatoren voor AAN en GEREED
  • Oprolbaar snoer